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With two wings to maximise the breathtaking view of the Gold Coast and Hinterland this house is HUGE by anyone’s standard.

Whether its 2 or 21 people staying, the 1500msq property will still feel homely and cosy and offers you all the entertainment and enjoyment you can ask for.

Whether you’re in the 14 person cedar sauna, relaxing in the spa, having a hit on the full size tennis court or simply taking a dip in the massive swimming pool this home is spacious and comfortable offering you stunning views from every aspect.

Wings boasts a large kitchen to nourish the whole team and an outdoor BBQ/wet bar kitchen that caters for everyone.

3 x TV/Living areas, and a full-size pool table and bar and there is even enough off street parking for 8 cars.

Used as the’ hideout’ in Mission Impossible Australian TV Series, nothing about Wings is ordinary. Kick back and relax at one of the Gold Coasts largest holiday homes.

Wings will make your holidays unforgettable… Book now.

“I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday in style and whilst I had an idea of a large house to accommodate my numerous friends, I had no idea that “Wings” existed until I came across the property on the internet.  “WOW” said everyone upon walking through the doors.  The house was huge, but cosy at the same time.  The views were stunning from every room; it felt like we were high in the skies watching over the Gold Coast from above.  I would like to thank Amelia for the excellent level of service she provided both before our confirmed booking and afterwards, right up to the day we entered the house, nothing was a problem for her.  We certainly had a weekend we will never forget.   Thank you “Wings!”

Lynette Jensen

“WOW, that is the first thing everyone says when they walk through the door. And the architecture is stunning, it really feels like you are flying over the valley below. We loved the outdoor kitchen, and spent lazy days with our friends by the pool. With so much room for guests it was the perfect place to celebrate!”

Linda Johnson